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Welcome to Hervey Bay City Bridge Club.

The Hervey Bay Bridge Club was formed in 1990 and the Club premises, originally an old Salvation Church, were purchased in 1996. The premises are located at 17 Cypress Street Torquay. Early additions were made to the building to ensure it was suitable for bridge sessions and over the years the Club Rooms have been updated and renovated to the modern air-conditioned premises members enjoy today

Players of all ages, young and old, are very welcome. Visitors are particularly welcome and we have designated members who will assist with visitors requiring a partner. Refer to the “Contacts” tab on our web page for their phone numbers.

Five sessions of bridge are held each week and Thursday is strictly a Novice day for players with under 50 master points. All the sessions commence at 1.00 pm and last for around three and a half hours. Lessons for beginners are held twice a year, usually in March and September. There is no charge for the lessons and once the lessons are completed players are introduced to supervised play before proceeding, when ready, to normal Club bridge sessions. Application for membership forms are available under "Documents" on our Web Page

All the cards are computer dealt and hand records are available at the end of each session. Bridgemates are used for electronic scoring and after each session results are uploaded onto the Club website

Wheel chair access is available for players with mobility problems. Parking is available within the Bridge Club grounds and further parking is available on the street. Directions to the Bridge Club are available under "Documents".

Please browse our web page for more information

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